Peter Viemeister left his New York corporate vice presidency with Grumman Aerospace in 1979 to settle in rural Virginia, near the town of Bedford.  From his home at the foot of the beautiful Peaks of Otter in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Peter wrote ten of his eleven books before he died in 2011. 

Endowed with a powerful curiosity, Peter’s interests were broad.  He particularly appreciated human dynamics.  Whether a person was rich and powerful or of humble means and salt of the earth, he loved learning about them and hearing their stories. Peter eagerly sought new insights about life from those he met.

Peter loved history and loved Bedford.  As he learned the rich history of the Virginia countryside and its people, he felt compelled to save what he learned in his carefully researched writings. Peter’s books extend to the reader these insights and history. They combine clear writing with unusual photos and rare drawings.



Most books on this site are original works by Peter. There are several out-of-print volumes that he re-published to capture the history that was his passion. A few books by other authors were selected because of being particularly relevant to the people and history of the Bedford area.


Please explore the site! You will find excerpts of each of the books as well as ordering information.  

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