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Aguilar, Grace, Home Scenes and Heart Studies, D. Appleton and Co., 1883.5x7.5, 401 pp., Cloth hardcover is lightly worn; dark blue with red and gold embossing. Pages are in good condition. Once owned by C. Alexander of Darlington, SC, 1884.
   BI#A0025. Price: $16.50.

Anthon, Charles, The Anabasis of Xenophon, (in Greek with English notes), Harper and Brothers, New York, 1852. 4.75x7.75, 632 pp. (with 10 catalog of textbooks printed by Harper and Brothers). One engraved illustration and one map. Worn leather hardcover with poor hinges, excellent pages. Some penciled notations. Embossed stamp of “Columbian College, Washington, D.C. “ on front fly leaf. Inscriptions for “John Chamblin,” “Augustus A. Owen, Col. College, Oct. 1st, 1837,” and stamped on the inside of the front cover ”Kate E. Marders.”
   BI#A0086. Price: $39.50.

Attfield, John, Chemistry: General, Medical, and Pharmaceutical, Including the Chemistry of the U.S. Pharmacopoeia -- A Manual on the General Principles of the Science, and Their Applications in Medicine and Pharmacy. (14th Ed.) Lea Brothers & Co., 1894. 5.5x8, 794 pp. (plus 16 pp. catalog of books published by Lea Brothers & Company.) Worn leather hardcover ; pages in excellent condition. “At the First International Pharmaceutical Exhibition, held in Vienna in August, 1883, for this Manual the Author was awarded a Gold Medal.” Previously owned by T.P. West.
   BI#A0087. Price: $32.50.

Bixby, William K. (collector), Letters From George Washington To Tobias Leor, Genesee Press, 1905, 8.5X11/.25, 102 pp. Copy #138 of 300. Hardcover worn. Autographed by Bixby. (T. Leor was G.W.’s military secretary.)
   BI#B0002. Price: $100.00.

Black Hawk, Autobiography of Black Hawk and the Black Hawk War of 1832 (A. LeClair, interpreter, and J.B Patterson, editor & Amanuensis), J.B. Patterson, 1882, 5.5X8.5, 208 pp. Cloth with gold lettering. Dictated in 1833.
   BI#B0003. Price: $150.00.

Bonnycastle, John, An introduction to Mensuration and Practical Geometry (To which are added A Treatise on Guaging; and also The Most Important Problems in Mechanics by James Ryan), Uriah Hunt and Son, Philadelphia, 1854. 4.75x7.5. 288 pp. Medium brown leather with simplified title and author on spine in gold on a square of cranberry. Once belonged to Stewart Bellis. Front jacket binding is split though still attached. Good condition.
   BI#B0027. Price: $19.50.

Bourdon, M., Elements of Algebra, (English translation by Charles Davies) A.S. Barnes and Co, Philadelphia, 1843. 5.x8.25, 358 pp. Leather hardcover is loose and in fair condition. Pages are very good condition.
   BI#B0050. Price: $23.00

Bradley, George Granville (Dean of Westminster), Lectures on Ecclesiastes (Delivered in Westminster Abbey), Henry Frowde, London, 1885. 5.25x7.75.  133 pp., Navy cloth hardcover with gold lettering on spine. Excellent condition.
   BI#B0051. Price: $9.50.

Brizeux, A., Les Ternaires -- Livre Lyrique (Deuxieme Edition, augmentee), Paul Masgana, Libraire-Editeur, Paris, 1842. 4.5x7, 330 pp. Marbleized paper hard-cover with cloth binding. Excellent condition.
   BI#B0089. Price: $28.00.

Burr, Frank A. and Richard J. Hinton, “Little Phil” and His Troopers Or The Life of General Philip H. Sheridan. Its Romance and Reality: How an Humble Lad Reached the Head of an Army. Illustrated. J.A.& R. A. Reid, Providence, 1888. 6.5x9, 445 pp. Indexed. Light olive green cloth hardback with beveled edges. Gold embossed lettering with dark olive portrait illustration on front partial flyleaf. Very good condition.
   BI#B0090. Price: $65.00.

By A Disciple, Teachings of the Master; With an Attempt to Explain and Enforce Them. A.D.F. Randolph, NY, 1858. 5.25x7.5, 258 pp. The dark olive green cloth hardcover shows evidence of possible water damage. Lightly embossed. In Sept. 1858 was owned by Lettie Burwell of “Avenel” in Bedford, Virginia. Sewn binding is stressed. Pages are good.
   BI#A0026. Price: $24.95.

Cave, Robert C., The Men in Gray, Confederate veteran, 1911, 5.25X7.75, 143 pp. Very good.
   BI#C0004. Price: $36.00.

Churchill, Winston S., The American Civil War. Dodd, Mead & company, NY, 1958. 5x7, 245 pp. Apollo Edition. White paperback with Confederate and Union Flags. Cover worn and used. Pages very good condition.
Price: $9.95.

Churchill, Winston, The Celebrity: An Episode. The McMillan Company, NY, 1898. 5x7.5, 302 pp. Navy blue cloth hardcover with gold embossed art nouveau design. Very good condition. Once belonged to Irene Caltin (or possible Catlin) of St. Louis, MO.
Price: $38.00.

Civil War Tales: True Life Stories Told by Soldiers After Actual Battles, Studio 20 Inc., Frederick, Maryland, no date. 5.5x8.5, 71 pp. Paperback in excellent condition. Illustrated.
   BI#A0091. Price: $5.50

Clifford, Georgia McAdams, Indian Legends of the Piasa Country, 1932, St. Louis, Mo., Reproduction by Alton Museum of History and Art (1973), 5.5x8.75, 114 pp. Yellow cloth hardcover with brown lettering and design. Excellent condition. Illustrated. Clifford was President of the American Association of Story-Tellers and on the faculty of Washington University.
   BI#C0052. Price: $19.95.

Cotton, Leo (compiled and edited by), Old Mr. Boston: De Luxe Official Bartender’s Guide, Mr. Boston Distiller, Inc., Boston. 1960. 4.5x7.5, 149 pp. Red paper hardcover with company logo on front. Illustrated. Excellent condition.
   BI#C0053. Price: $5.75.

Cousin, Victor, Elements of Psychology: Included In A Critical Examination of Locke’s Essay on the Human Understanding (Translated, with introduction and notes, by C.S. Henry), Dayton & Saxton, NY, 1842, 5x7.5, 439 pp. Dark olive green cloth hardcover with embossed floral design and gold lettering. Cover is well worn. Binding is good. Pages are very good.
   BI#C0054. Price: $28.50.

Craddock, Charles Egbert, The Story of Old Fort Loudon, MacMillan, 1899, 5.5X8. 409 pp., Cloth hardbound with Gold Indian Silhouette; Illustrations by E.C. Peixotto. Fly leaf torn. Pages very good.
   BI#C0005. Price: $50.00.

Daniel, Lizzie D., Editor for the Memorial Bazaar Benefit, Confederate Scrap Book, J.L. Hill Co., 1893, 6X9, 256 pp. Cloth hard cover, smudged. Gold imprint. Pages fine. Includes music and Confederate $10.00 facsimile. Very good.
   BI#D0006. Price: $65.00.

Deere, John, The Operation, Care and Repair of Farm Machinery, John Deere (“manufacturer of Quality implements for nearly a century.”), 9th Edition. c. 1930. 5.25x7.8, 225 pp. Grey cloth hardcover has a bit of water damage, but interior in very good condition. Many illustrations and photographs. Once belonged to Robert O’Roark.
   BI#D0028. Price: $18.95.

De Foe, Daniel, Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (including a memoir of the author and an essay on his writings), Porter and Coates, Philadelphia, 1875. 5.25x7.75, 630 pp. Emerald green cloth hardcover with black embossed design and titling on the front and gold design and illustration on spine. Cover and pages in good condition.
   BI#D0029. Price: $18.95.

Delarue, Jacques and Robert Giraud, Les Tatouages du “Milieu”(Tatoos), with 82 photographs and 80 illustrations, La Roulotte, Paris, 1950. 6.25x9.25, approx. 125 pp. Tan paper hardcover in good condition. Pages generally very good though there are some loose pages. About Jacque Delarue: “Inspecteur a la Direction des Services de Police judiciaire de la Surete nationale.”
   BI#D0056. Price: $24.50.

Dixon, Franklin W., The Tower Treasure, Grosset and Dunlap, NY,1927. A Hardy Boys Mystery. 5.25x7.5, 214 pp. Light brown cloth hardcover is well worn with some water spots. The pages are very good.
   BI#D0030. Price: $12.95.

Dods, John Bovee, The Philosophy of Electrical Psychology in a Course of  Twelve Lectures, Fowler and Wells Co., New York, c. 1851. 5.25x7.5, 252 pp. Black faux leather hardcover with embossing in good condition. Interior very good. “Property of H.E. Hansen, Duluth Minn.”
   BI#D0078. Price: $25.00.

Drummond, Henry, The Greatest Thing in the World, Library of Classics, Collins Clear-Type Press, London and Glasgow. c 1900. 4x6, 317 pp. Faux leather navy soft cover with gold imprinting on spine, excellent condition. One photographed portrait of Drummond.
   BI#D0079. Price: $7.25.

Edgeworth, Maria, Novels and Tales -- Vol. III, J&J Harper, 1833, 5X7.5, 467 pp. Leather. Stained early pages.
   BI#E0007. Price: $36.00.

Edgeworth, Maria, Novels and Tales by Maria Edgeworth in Ten Volumes, Vol.III., J.& J. Harper, New York, 1833 (OR, Tales and Novels by Maria Edgeworth, Eighteen Volumes Bound in Nine, Vol. V & VI, Containing Popular Tales, 1838), 4.3x 7.25, 467 pp. Leather hardcover in fair condition with some water damage evident on immediate interior. Pages in good condition. After belonging to the Louisa Court House (Va.) Library, a G.W. Dillard owned this volume.
   BI#E0080. Price: $36.00.

Edwards, Jonathan, A Treatise Concerning Religious Reflections in Three Parts -- To Which Is Prefixed A Sketch of the Life of the Author, James Crissy, Philadelphia, 1821. 5.5x9, 432 pp. Leather hardcover. Very good condition. Small bookplate in cover: James Reid.
   BI#E0092. Price: $42.95.

Eliot, George, The Legend of Jubal and Other Poems, Old and New. The Spanish Gypsy. John W. Lovell Co., NY. (no date) 5.25x7.5, 356 pp. Elegantly embossed mustard yellow cloth hardcover with beveled edges and gold leaf accents and page edges. Cover in good condition. Pages are excellent. Inscription reads “To Lulie from M.T., Dec. 25th, 1884”.
   BI#E0031. Price: $19.95.

Ferber, Edna, Show Boat, Grossett and Dunlap, NY, 1926. 5.75x8.25, 398 pp. Red cloth hardcover and pages in excellent condition. First Edition. Inscription: “J.G. Taylor, The Milne School.”
   BI#F0058. Price: $22.50.

Fischer, E. G., Physique Mecanique (traduite de L’Allemand, avec des notes, par M. Biot) 4th Ed. , Bachelier, Libraire Pour Les Mathematiques, Paris, 1830. 5x8, 542 pp. Illustrated. Marbled leather hard cover, front cover is detached. Pages in very good condition. Originally owned by Samuel J. Gummere, President of Haverford College. Purchased from him by the college in 1875.
   BI#F0093. Price: $16.50.

Fiske, John, The Mississippi Valley in the Civil War, Houghton Mifflin, 1900. 5.5X8, 368 pp. Red Cloth. 23 maps. Very good.
   BI#F0008. Price: $32.00.

Florian, Nouvelles, Tome Premier (Vol. I), Libraire Briand, Paris, 1810. 3.5x5.4. 172 pp. Hardcover, marbled leather with delicate gold embossed framework design. Worn cover. Interior good condition. Each story begins with an engraved illustration.
   BIE#F0081. Price: $26.50.

Ford, Worthington Chauney, Inventory of the Contents of Mount Vernon 1810, Cambridge University Press, 1909, 61 pp. with full text. Copy #307 of 350. 9X10. Hardcover. Very good.
   BI#F0009. Price: $125.00.

Freeman, Douglas Southall, Lee of Virginia, Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1958. 6.5x9.25, 243 pp. Indexed. Pale red cloth hardcover. Four illustrations (including Currier and Ives’ “Richmond in Flames”). Excellent condition.
   BI#F0094. Price: $35.00.

Garis, Howard, R., Buddy and the Indian Chief or A Boy Among the Navajos, Cupples & Leon Company, NY, 1936. 5.25x7.5, 212 pp. Red cloth hardcover with black embossed lettering and illustration. One illustration. Excellent condition.
   BI#G0059. Price: $9.50.

Gerry, Margareta Spalding, The Toy Shop -- A Romantic Story of Lincoln the Man, Harper and Brothers, 1908, 4.5X7, 51 pp.. Hardbound. Cloth. Pictorial Cover.
   BI#G0011. Price: $25.00.

Goldsmith, Oliver, She Stoops to Conquer. Dodd, Mead & Company, 1896. 6x8, 204 pp. Illustrated by F.C. Gordan. Navy cloth hardcover with bright, elegant gilt design on cover and spine. Spine and edges show some wear. Good condition. Inscribed “Lena Logan, C.C.W.” on front flyleaf.
Price: $42.95.

Goode, John, Recollections of a Lifetime by John Goode of Virginia, The Neale Publishing Company, New York, 1906. 6x9, 266 pages. Taupe cloth hardcover with bold gold embossed lettering. One photographic portrait. Previously owned by T. W. Richardson, (May 19, 1906). Inscribed “Bedford Bulletin with the compliments of the author” on inside back flyleaf.
   BI#G0096. Price: $79.50.

Gordon, William F., The Secession of Virginia -- by a Virginian, The News (Louisa) 1897, 6X7, 30 pp. An illustrated poem. Pamphlet. Corners of front cover eaten.
   BI#G0012. Price: $15.00.

Groves, John, A Greek and English Dictionary, Comprising All the Words in the Writings of the Most Popular Greek Authors; with the Difficult Inflections in Them and in the Septuagint and the New Testament: Designed for the Use of Schools and the Undergraduate Course of a Collegiate Education, Hilliard, Gray, Little, and Wilkins, Boston, 1831. 5.5x8.75, 718 pp. Marbled leather hardcover. Excellent condition.
   BI#G0097. Price: $65.00.

Hamilton, Bob, Gene Autry and the Thief River Outlaws, Whitman Publishing Company, Racine, Wisconsin, 1944. 5.25x8, 250 pp. Sparsely illustrated. Burnt orange cloth hardcover with navy lettering and illustration. Excellent condition.
   BI#H0060. Price: $35.00.

Harper, Kenton, The Virginia Scriveners, 1833, 5.5X8.5, 181 pp. Leather. Collection of Forms of Bonds, Contracts, Conveyancing and other Instruments of Writing. Prefixed with the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights and new Constitution of Virginia. Copy once belonged to Hezekiah Taylor of Oak Grove, Virginia.
   BI#H0013. Price: $450.00.

d’Hauterive, M. Borel, and Count Georges De Morant, World Nobility and Peerage(Annuaire de la Noblesse de France) Volume 86, Specialised Reference Publishing Co., London and Paris, 1953. 5x7.25, 444 pp. Red cloth hardcover with gold lettering and crown emblem. Front cover slightly mottled, but in otherwise excellent condition.
   BI#H0061. Price: $32.50.

Heath Readers, Fourth Reader, D.C. Heath & Co., Boston, 1904. 5.5x7.5, 320 pp. Illustrated. Tan cloth hardcover with red poppies and greenery and black lettering. Obviously used yet in very good condition. Owned by Jean Magann of Bedford City, Virginia.
   BI#H0062. Price: $10.50.

Hesekiel, George, Deutsche Kriegs und Sieges Chronik 1870-1871, Berlag von Otto Jante, Berlin 1872. Mit 78 Ilustrationen von Lud. Loffler und dem Titelbilde Willhelm I, Deutscher Kaiser und Konig von Breuben, einer karte des kriegstheaters von Beikenburg bis Paris und einer karte von Frankrich und der Grenzgebiete. 5.25x7.75, 296 pp. Black leatherette hardcover with dark green leather spine and corner pieces. Gold embossed lettering. Excellent condition.
   BI#H0063. Price: $28.50.

Hill, Laurance L., La Reina: Los Angeles in Three Centuries, Security-First National Bank, 1929. 5.5x9, 210 pp. Paperback with photos on front and back. Excellent condition. Many, many photos. “A volume commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Security Trust and Savings Bank of Los Angeles, February 11, 1889.” Photographs on each page.
   BI#H0064. Price: $15.95.

Hilton, James, Random Harvest, Little, Brown and Company, Boston, 1941. 5.5x8.25, 327 pp. Light blue cloth hardcover with red lettering. Excellent condition. First Edition.
   BI#H0065. Price: $40.95.

Hood, Thomas, The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood, John Wurtele Lovell, NY, (no date), 5.25x7.25, 608 pp. Elegantly embossed red cloth hardcover with beveled edges and gold leaf accents and page edges. Illustrated. Inscription reads “Miss Alice G. Kent, Prize on Dictionary, Louisa Female Seminary, Session 1883 & 1884.” Excellent condition.
   BI#H0033. Price: $17.50.

Hughes, Thomas, Tom Brown’s School Days, Grosset & Dunlap, NY, 5.25x7.5, 418 pp. Taupe cloth hardcover with dark brown lettering and simple landscape picture in green. Spine frayed, otherwise very good condition. Stamped signature reads “Henry C. Groseclose.” Handwritten inscription: “Written in Q. Victoria’s reign of the time of K. William IV’s reign.”
   BI#H0066. Price: $14.95.

Ingelow, Jean, The Poetical Works of Jean Ingelow, John W. Lovell Co., NY, 1863. 5.25x7.5, 521 pp. Elegantly embossed brown cloth hardcover with beveled edges and gold leafed accents and page edges. Owned by Laura Jeter of Liberty, Virginia (name changed to Bedford in 1890). Original cost $1.25. Excellent condition.
   BI#I0034. Price: $23.50.

Jackson, Isaac R., Life of William Henry Harrison (of Ohio): The Peoples’ Candidate for the Presidency with the History of the Wars with the British and the Indians on Our North-Western Frontier, 4th edition. Marshall, Williams & Butler, 1840, 4X6.25. Cloth cover stained. Pages very good.
   BI#J0014. Price: $125.00

Jeune, Margaret S., My School-days in Paris, Thomas Nelson and Sons, NY, c. 1875. 4.75x7. 204 pp. Illustrated. Brownish cloth hardcover with black embossing and gold titling. Very good condition. Once owned by Lettie M. Burwell of Virginia.
   BI#J0035. Price: $24.50.

Johnston, Mary, Prisoners of Hope: A Tale of Colonial Virginia, Houghton Mifflin, 1899, 5.5X8, 378 pp. Cloth. Worn.
   BI#J0015. Price: $30.00

Jones, J. William, The Davis Memorial Volume: or Our Dead President, JEFFERSON DAVIS and the World’s Tribute to His Memory, B.F. Johnson & Co. 1890, 672 pp. Illustrated. Cloth hard cover. 6X8.75. Cover gold embossed, worn edges and folds. Pages excellent.
   BI#J0016. Price: $65.00.

Kent, Charles W., Unveiling of the Bust of Edgar Allen Poe in the Library of the University of Virginia, J.P. Bell, 1899, 99 pp., 6.25X9.5. Many plates and exhibits. Leather spine. Handsome binding. Excellent.
   BI#K0017. Price: $50.00.

La Fayette, Memoirs of General La Fayette, Embracing Details of His Public and Private Life, Sketches of the American Revolution, The French Revolution, the Downfall of Bonaparte, and the Restoration of the Bourbons with Biographical Notices of Individuals, Who Have Been Distinguished Actors in These Events, Barber and Robinson, Hartford, 1825. 4.5x7.5, 455 pp. Worn marbled leather hardcover, very good interior. Binding good. Etched portraits of La Fayette, a grouping of Washington, Green, and Franklin and a grouping of Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI, Bonaparte and Louis XVII. Stamped on second fly leaf “STEPHEN K. BALDWIN 1827.”
   BI#L0098. Price:$49.00.

Lincoln, Mrs. Almira H., Familiar Lectures on Botany, Including Practical and Elementary Botany, with Generic and Specific Descriptions of the Most Common Native and Foreign Plants and a Vocabulary of Botanical Terms. For the Use of Higher Schools and Academies. F.J. Huntington, Hartford, 1832. 4.75x7.5, 440 pp. Indexed. Worn marbleized leather hardcover with good interior. Mrs. Lincoln was vice-principal of the Troy Female Seminary. Front flyleaf torn. On a back flyleaf is embossed “William P. Burks, Notary Public, Bedford County, Va.” Handcrafted bookplate in the front reads “Jane K. Boatwright.”
   BI#L0099. Price: $32.00.

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, The Complete Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Household Edition) with Two Hundred and Seventy Illustrations, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston and New York,1902, 5.5x8, 879 pp. Indexed by first lines and titles. Simply embossed with gold on olive green cloth, the hardcover is in excellent condition. Pages excellent with the exception of about five within the first xvii pages which give evidence of having been yellowed by newspaper clippings.
   BI#L0037. Price: $22.50.

Lowell, James Russell, The Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell (Household Edition), Houghton Mifflin and Company, Boston, 1884. 5.25x7.5, 422 pp. Brown cloth hardcover with floral embossing and gold highlights in very good condition. Pages are excellent though binding shows some stress.
   BI#L0038. Price: $15.95.

Manesca, Jean, An Oral System of Teaching Living Languages; illustrated by a Practical Course of Lessons, in the French, through the Medium of the English. Roe Lockwood and Son, NY 1849. 6.25x9.25, 518 pp. Leather hardcover in good condition. Pages are fairly good. Previous owners include Elizabeth M. Swann or Richmond, Josephine Archer Blakin, M. H. Ford and A. H. Harris (1862).
   BI#M0039. Price: $29.50.

Maury, General Dabney Herndon, Recollections of a Virginian in the Mexican, Indian, and Civil Wars, Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1894. 5.5x8, 279 pp. Grey cloth hardcover with black embossed lettering and design on front and some gold lettering on spine. Very good condition. One portrait of the author. Previously owned by Henry Kent.
   BI#M0100. Price: $53.00.

Meredith, Owen (Robert, Lord Lytton), Lucile, Hurst and Company, NY, c. 1900. 4.5x7 with oversized leather cover 5.3X8, 334 pp. Soft brown leather cover has simple hand-drawn title and floral design. Overall good condition. Once belonged to C. B. McClintock, 1907.
   BI#M0040. Price: $16.00.

Moore, Alison, He Died Furious. Ortlieb press, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA 1983. 7.75x10.25, 179 pp. Grey paperback with dark brown lettering. Typewritten formatted biography of C.F. Wheat and the First Special Battalion of Louisiana Volunteers (Tigers). Has a split along tht spine in the center of the book and the first two pages are almost loose -- otherwise good condition.
Price: $95.00.

Moore, Thomas, Poetical Works by Thomas Moore with a Life of the Author, George Routledge and Sons, London, (No date). 5.25x7.5, 548 pp. A smattering of illustrations. Cloth hardcover is elaborately embossed with royal blue flowers on a teal blue background with black and gold accents. The page edges are gold leaf. Cover and pages are very good. Fly leaf is loose. (First three sheets of paper are loose.) Once owned by Laura M. Jeter in Virginia.
   BI#M0041. Price: $18.95.

Murray, Major J. Ogden (A Soldier of 1861-1865 C.S.A.), Three Stories In One: The Statesman; The Confederate Soldier (The Ideal Soldier of the World); and The South's Peerless Women of the World. 1915. 6x9.25, 66 pp. Grey-blue cloth hardcover with gold lettering. Some spotting and wear. Pages very good condition.
Price: $36.50.

Page, Thomas Nelson, Among the Camps or Young Peoples’ Stories of the War, Charles Scribners, 1891, 6.75X9.5, 163 pp. Illustrated. Cloth cover. Worn. Good.
   BI#P0021. Price: $22.00.

Parker, Arthur C., Red Streak of the Iroquois, Children’s Press, 1950. 5.75x8.5, 191 pp. Maroon cloth hardcover with gold lettering and feather design. Good condition. Bedford Elementary School Library discard.
   BI#P0068. Price: $11.98.

Patton, J.S., S.J. Doswell, and L.D. Crenshaw, Editors, Jefferson’s University: Glimpses of the Past and Present of the University of Virginia, Michie Company, 1915, 5.5X8, 100 pp. Cloth. With photos. Very good.
   BI#P0022. Price: $24.00.

Poe, E. A., Selected Poems and Tales of Edgar Allan Poe, (Eclectic English Classics edited by Roscoe Gilmore Stott), American Book Company, New York, 1914. 4.5x6.7, 174 pp. Light brown cloth hardcover with darker brown stamped lettering and leaf and acorn design. Very good condition.
   BI#P0083. Price:$12.95.

Ralphson, G. Harvey, Boy Scouts in a Submarine or Searching an Ocean Floor, M. A. Donohue and Co., Chicago, 1912. 5x7.75, 217pp. Greenish cloth hardcover with illustration. A bit of water damage to cover, but pages very good. Binding is giving way.
   BI#R0042. Price: $12.50.

Report of the Commissioner of Patents for the Year 1858 - Agriculture. James B. Steedman, Washington, 1859. 6x9, 500+pages (last 15 or so are missing). Illustrated. Faded plum cloth hardcover. Good condition.
   BI#R0104. Price: $36.00.

Rogers, Betty, Will Rogers: The Story of His Life Told by His Wife, Garden City Publishing Company, Inc., New York, 1943. 5.5 x 8, 312 pp. Mocha colored faux leather hardcover, red embossed lettering, with dust jacket. Very good condition.
   BI#R0084. Price: $14.95.

Schmidt, Leopold, Meister der Tonkunst im neunzehenten Jahrhundert (Ludwig van Beethoven), Julius Bard, Berlin 1912, 5.5x6.75. 318 pp. Sueded leather hardcover with embossed spine and gold lettering and one oval embossed design on front cover. Cover is worn but good. Pages are excellent. In German.
   BI#S0043. Price: $12.50.

Scott, Sir Walter, Lady of the Lake, Thomas Y. Crowell and Co., 1883. 5.25x7.5, 336 pp. Light olive green cloth hardcover elegantly embossed with a black leaf design with gold lettering and highlights. Excellent condition. Inscription reads “For Miss Ellen Kent with the love of her scholars, Katie Richardson and Evie Gooch. Xmas 1886.”
   BI#S0073. Price: $29.50.

Scott, Walter, Marmion; A Tale of Flodden Field, Vol. 2, Hopkins and Earle, Philadelphia, 1808. 4.75x7, 258 pp. Paper hard cover with cloth spine. Pages of irregular sizing. Poor condition but completely legible. Inscription: “Wm. M Burwell, 1827.”
   BI#S0074. Price: $26.50.

Smith, Mary Stuart, Virginia Cookery Book, Harper & Brothers, 1885, 5X7.5, 352 pp. Cloth. Worn. End papers damaged (27 pp.)
   BI#S0023. Price: $35.00.

Stevenson, Robert Louis, New Arabian Nights, Frank F. Lovell & Co., New York, Aldine Edition. Circa 1890. 5x7.5, 227 pp. Burnt sienna cloth hardcover with elaborate black embossed design on front cover and gold on spine. Excellent condition.
   BI#S0105. Price: $26.50.

Stewart, Jackie and Eric Dymock, World Champion, Pelham Books, 1970. 5.5x8.75, 192 pp. Indexed. Rich with photographs. Red cloth hardcover. Excellent condition.
   BI#S0106. Price: $19.50.

Tarkington, Booth, Beasley’s Christmas Party (illustrated by Ruth Sypherd Clements), Harper and Brothers, NY, 1909. 5.25x8. 100 pp. Red cloth hard-cover embossed with a holly design and ornate gold lettering is in good condition. The pages are very good.
   BI#T0044. Price: $18.95.

Tennyson, Alfred, Enoch Arden, &c., Ticknor and Fields, Boston, 1867. 3.5x5.5, 136 pp. Navy embossed cloth hardcover. Silver design and lettering on spine. Gold leaf page edges. Excellent condition. Purchased from George P. Craighill’s bookstore in Lynchburg, Virginia. Inscription: “Miss Lilllie Langhorne with regards of her friend A. H. Rutherford, Sept. 13, ‘69.”
   BI#T0075. Price: $26.50.

Vandiver, Frank E., Mighty Stonewall, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., New York, 1957. Illustrated with photographs and maps. 6x9.25, 548 pp. Indexed. Brown paper hardcover with faded red cloth spine. Excellent condition.
   BI#V0107. Price: $24.50.

Venable, William Henry, A Dream of Empire Or The House of Blennerhassett, Dodd, Mead and Company, New York, 1901. 5.25x7.75, 344 pp. Light rust-red cloth hardcover with white embossed letters and portrait illustration on front. Good condition. Previously owned by Mrs. R.C. Ward of Lynchburg, Va.
   BI#V0108. Price: $12.50.

Virgil, Oeuvres Completes De Virgile Traduites en Francais Par Th. Cabaret-DuPaty, Librairie De. L. Hachette, Paris, 1867. 4.5x7, 396 pp. Dark green leather hard-cover with black leather spine. Excellent condition.
   BI#V0109. Price:$18.75.

Wagner, Richard, Tannhauser (“Freely Translated in Poetic Narrative Form by T. W. Rolleston. Presented by Willy Pogany”). George G. Harrap & Co., Ltd., Great Britain, 7.5x10, unpaginated. Probably 1911, though not dated.Black cloth hardcover with bright gold embossed design and letterin g on front cover and spine. Cover has wear and corners are somewhat bent. Otherwise in good condition. pages are excellent. 21 tipped-in mostly color plates and every page illustrated in an art nouveau style. Front flyleaf inscribed: “From one ‘Best man’ to another, with a lot of love -- February 4th , 1932”. “The Little Book Shop, Lynchburg Va” sticker in the back cover.
Price: $195.00.

Watson, Katherine, North Wales -- Regional Archaeologies, Cory, Adams & Mackay, London, 1965. 6.75x8.25, 92 pp. Illustrated. Hardcover with chariot illustration on cover. Excellent condition.
   BI#W0076. Price: $18.95.

Weyland, John Matthias, The Man with the Book; or, The Bible Among the People, S.W. Partridge and Co., London, 1906. 5.25x7.5, 298 pp. Beautifully embossed blue-gray cloth hardcover with black and gold leaf accents in excellent condition. Some illustrations. Fund raiser for the London City Mission. Contains a copy of the officers and constitution of the same (1905).
   BI#W0045. Price: $26.00.

White, The Rev. James, History of France from the Earliest of Times to MDCCCXLVIII, D. Appleton and Co., NY. 1859. 6x9, 571 pp. Leather spine with horizontal ribbing is loose the top third. Marbleized paper hardcover. Pages good. Owned by Anna Whitehead of Miss Pegram’s School, Richmond, Va.
   BI#W0046. Price: $42.50.

Williams, Rebecca Yancey, The Vanishing Virginian, E. P. Dutton and Co., Inc., NY 1940. First Edition. First Printing. 6x9. 277 pp. Green cloth hardcover in very good condition with black imprint. Pages excellent.
   BI#W0047. Price: $45.00.

Williams, Rebecca Yancey, The Vanishing Virginian, (with introduction by Douglas Southall Freeman), E.P. Dutton & Company, Inc., New York, 1940. First Edition, First Printing. 6x9, 277 pp. Medium green cloth hardcover with black embossed lettering and cover illustration. Very good condition.
   BI#W0085. Price: $45.00.

Williamson, Mrs. M.L., The Life of General Thomas J. Jackson, For the Young, B.F. Johnson Co. 1899, 5.5X7.5, 254 pp. Hard cover with portrait. Many illustrations. Worn. Some pages stained.
   BI#W0024. Price: $50.00.

Wister, Owen, The Virginian: A Horseman of the Plains with Illustrations by Charles M. Russell and Drawings from Western Scenes by Frederic Remington, Macmillan Co., NY, 1960 (10th printing 1963). 5x7.5, 434 pp. Pale blue cloth hardcover with burgundy lettering is lightly worn. Pages good. Withdrawn from the Lynchburg Public Library.
   BI#W0048. Price: $14.50.


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