Peter Viemeister

Peter Viemeister began drilling holes as a mechanic at the Grumman Corporation at the age of 17 and ended up a vice-president of that multi-billion-dollar, high technology firm which produced the craft that landed men on the moon. 



Peter was born in Mineola, New York in 1929, the third of four children. He grew up during the Depression and World War II, attending country and suburban public schools.



After winning a place as a Grumman Scholar, Peter graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in mechanical engineering.  Later he became a Sloan Fellow at M.I.T. with a Masters of Scientific Management.



Following college, his fascination with aircraft cinched his decision to accept a position with Grumman.  During his 28 year career there, he was an engineer, head of Presentations, President of Grumman Data Systems, and Vice President of Development.



His travels included Europe, Russia, Mexico, New Zealand, Korea, Czechoslovakia, Cuba, Australia and the Caribbean. He taught Organizational Behavior at two colleges and held a patent for a Simulator of Human Behavior. 



Peter’s love of country life led him to retire to Virginia in 1979 until his passing in 2011. Hamilton's, his book and collectibles store on West Main Street, gave him an ideal place to meet folks from Bedford as well as passers-through. Ten of his eleven books were written in Bedford.  

Peter served as Chairman of the Bedford City/County Museum, the National D-Day Memorial Foundation, and  the Bedford Community Health Foundation. He was Bedford Citizen of the Year in 1992. He served as a long-time Trustee of Lynchburg College and a Regent of Liberty University.



Peter Viemeister was the proud father of three sons and two daughters and grandfather of two fine grandsons.  He was mighty proud to call Bedford "home."




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